Wings 2, Canucks 1

Tonight was honestly the best night of my young 19 year old life. I attended the Wings vs. Canucks game at the Joe where I sat in the first row *right* next to where the zambonis come out (but on the opposite side of the goal judge). People literally came up to us to tell us that we had the best seats in the house. They were amazing. To see my “idols” within 2 inches of me was unbelievable. I don’t remember the period, but Steve Yzerman was nailed literally right in front of me- just crazy. My Dad and I took hundreds of pictures (seriously, like over 500) so we’ll be going through them tomorrow and I’ll post them whenever we transfer them from his camera to my laptop. It was soo worth the nearly $500 it cost my dad and I to get the best seats at the Joe. My dad’s birthday is at the end of March so we’re going to try to get those same seats again…it was so surreal.

The Wings won in an excellent hockey game. And while there wasn’t a full blown hockey fight, there certainly were numerous scrums where the entire crowd at the Joe jumped up to their feet. The Joe was pretty loud tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There were two little kids behind me and Al Sobotka, the infamous zamboni driver, sat right next to them and gave them some pucks in the third period.

Brendan Shanahan scored the game winning goal, his 100th in his career, while on the power play with seven minutes left in the game. The goal was a beauty right in front of my face (Yzerman did a nice job screening Auld). Carter scored the only goal for the Canucks with 7:50 left in the first period. Nicklas Lidstrom scored the Wings first goal of the game during a 5-on-3 power play, Robert Lang and Mathieu Schneider with the assist (lengthening his point streak to 5 games).

The Wings outshot the Canucks 35-15 in a strong defensive effort. “We’re playing real strong in our own end,” Lidstrom said. “We’re not giving up a lot of shots and Manny only has to make one save and we’re clearing the rebound.”

For those of you who watched the game on TV, you should’ve seen me on the Vancouver broadcast right after the Wings scored their first goal. I was banging on the glass like crazy. And then the Detroit broadcast, I believe I was shown when our section held up “Hi Jiri” signs, but since I was in the front I’m not sure if that scanned down that far. And my dad was prominently seen during the Karen Newman performance, which we were less than 10 feet from in his bright red sweatshirt.

Interesting Notes: Every single time Todd Bertuzzi touched the puck, the Joe was filled with boos. In between the 1st and 2nd period, they brought out a Toyota truck and the entire time it was on the ice, the crowd booed their heads off. But when a Jeep was brought out in the next intermission, no problems at all. Quite entertaining.

Well, I’m exhausted after a long but exciting birthday and I’m still experiencing sensory overload from today’s game. But I will try to post those pictures ASAP. Good night everybody!

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6 Responses to “Wings 2, Canucks 1”

  1. hoopsjunky says:

    Hahaha! I saw you on TV! When you came on, I was thinking, “Is that Christy? It looks like the picture on her blog. Hmmm. What are the chances?”

    Nicely. I know we lost, but it was a good game. Glad to hear you had a great time.

  2. Hi Christy,
    We saw you on TV, too. Looked like you were having a great time! We taped the game, so maybe I can send you a screen shot or something.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Alanah and Jeff- I’d love to have a screenshot if you don’t mind!

    And thanks for the birthday wishes- my Dad said that he’s so lucky to have a daughter that just wants a Wings game for her birthday. I am just lucky to have parents who will pay to take me to the game (I did pay $100 for my Dad’s ticket lol). Anyways, thanks again!

  4. Jon says:


    You said “In between the 1st and 2nd period, they brought out a Toyota truck and the entire time it was on the ice, the crowd booed their heads off. But when a Jeep was brought out in the next intermission, no problems at all. Quite entertaining.” Did the Toyota truck have a problem on the ice? Because you said the Jeep had no problems. Can you enlighten us?

    I did see you on FSN, but did not know you had a blog until I read about it on Kukla’s Korner. I’ll have to check it out more in the future

  5. d-lee says:

    Christy — Happy Birthday!!!!

    Jon — It’s pretty simple. At least here’s my take: Jeep, which is on the Daimler/Chrysler label, is headquartered in (or near, anyway) Detroit. Toyota, is still a Japanese company and is, at best, a California operation with NA headquarters in Torrence. Whether or not the fans in Detroit are employed in the Autmotive industry, I’d think that there’s still some sense of local pride regarding the Toyota versus Jeep thing.

  6. Jon says:


    I happen to work in the auto industry, and live in Ypsilanti…

    I was hopeing that the Toyota truck had problems on the ice ;-D

    Thanks for the info though..

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