Pink and white NHL jerseys

I’m a little late on this one, but the NHL has expanded its clothing line for its women fans including pink and white jerseys for each of the 30 NHL teams. Jerseys will also be available in a pale blue.

Pieces will range from T-shirts with rhinestones and metallic foils, to stretch-fleece hoodies, to heavier-weight jackets with faux fur-trimmed hoods, at prices from $20 to more than $200.

The collection also marks another first: pink and white hockey jerseys for the Boston Bruins and the 29 other NHL teams.

“One of our focuses of this launch was really to try to see what pink could do for hockey,” said Jenny Lyons Cohane, who heads up Reebok’s women’s business for its professional league affiliations.

Women also will get broader options in terms of fabrics and colors, including other pastels.

“They allow the female fans to celebrate in their own way, without looking like their 13-year-old son,” said Brian Jennings, the NHL’s senior vice president of consumer marketing. “It’s very appropriate and long overdue.”

I’m sorry, you’d have to pay me to wear a pink and white Red Wings jersey to a game. I shudder at the thought of seeing that at the Joe next year. That is, if anyone buys them. I could be wrong, but I don’t see pink and white NFL jerseys being sold. It’s just weird. I searched Google to see if there are any pink and white NFL jerseys. Boy was I wrong. Here is an example of a pink and white Reebok (same brand as the NHL ones will be) NFL jersey:

Part of the description for the same jersey style, but found on the JCPenney website is as follows: “Women’s pink NFL player jersey packs a tough feminine punch so she won’t be stuck on the sidelines.” The words tough and punch just seem wrong here.

The only way I could see these really selling is if a portion of the proceeds went to Breast Cancer research or something. Otherwise, I don’t really see these doing well. But I could be totally wrong with this one…

Copyranter has a photo of what seems to be the Maple Leafs pink and white jersey (or prototype jersey). Can you say puckbunnies?

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5 Responses to “Pink and white NHL jerseys”

  1. Tapeleg says:

    Off Wing Opinion has a mockup of the pink Buffaslug jersey. Who smells a winner?

  2. Thanks for the comment/tip – Off Wing is down for me at the moment, but as soon as its up – I’ll definitely check it out.

  3. Mike says:

    Flyers had a pink jersey last year. Not actually seeing a pict of this years version Im not sure how similar they are. From the women I heard from the reviews were mixed, men in general hated it.

    Lauren Hart who sings the National Anthem at the Flyer’s home games had on the pink jersey atleast once sparking some interest.

  4. Mike- Thanks for the comment. Now that you mention it, I do think I heard about that last year. Pink hockey jerseys = just wrong…

  5. Robin says:

    Were can you buy it?

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