10/11 Wings Notes

Just some various notes in regards to the Detroit Red Wings or the league in general…

- Is anyone else pleased that Andreas Lilja won’t be playing tonight, again? Both him and Tomas Kopecky will be sitting out in tonight’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes.

- Both Johnson brothers missed training camp and the start of the season due to Greg Johnson’s abnormal EKG test results. Greg will not be playing for the Wings this season as he has just filed retirement papers. His brother Ryan, who is five years younger, has been allowed to return to practice. Thanks to George at Snapshots for the link.

“I’m doing great,” he [Ryan Johnson] said. “We’ve been very thorough to make sure of things, but everything is going to be fine.”

Johnson, who was placed on injured reserve last Wednesday, is hoping to be back on the ice today, but his return to the lineup will depend on when he regains his conditioning.

- Thanks to reader Hoser for pointing out this comment found in the middle of John Buccigross’ column on ESPN.com.

I’m trying to capitalize on creative jolts by immediately writing them down so they don’t disappear like Pavel Datsyuk in the playoffs.

Ouch. Sure Datsyuk hasn’t done very well in the playoffs, but he did just come off a rib injury at the start of the 2006 playoffs. Ouch.

- Thanks to another BtJ reader, Joe, who emailed me a link to an interview with Gary Bettman on WallStreetJournal.com.

WSJ: Where are you looking for new sponsorship deals?

Mr. Bettman: We’re out talking to lots of sponsors. We announced a deal recently with Pepsi, Gatorade and Frito Lay. We’re in negotiations on a deal we hope to conclude shortly. We just made a deal with [over-the-counter cold remedy] COLD-fX. We’re in the pipeline. Again, there’s a time lag to sponsorship business, particularly when we were down for a year. Our longtime sponsors, the Anheuser-Busches, the Dodges, stuck with us. We were grateful. They believed in what we were doing with the game. Another long-term sponsor is MasterCard. I don’t want to omit anybody. But I think other people who hadn’t been doing business with us, wanted to take a bit of a wait-and-see attitude to see how strongly we came back. The reaction we’ve seen last season has been very positive.

WSJ: Do you plan on putting whole games on there [the renovated website]?

Mr. Bettman: We’re not ready to announce it, but in the not-too-distant future I think you’ll see us streaming games.

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