NHL schedule won’t change

I am still on a break from blogging, for the most part, because my knee is killing me and I need a short break.

However, I had to mention that the NHL Board of Governors met and the current schedule is going to last for another season at least.

Last time the BOG met, the proposal to revert back to the pre-lockout schedule was just short of approval (you need a two-thirds majority vote) by one vote. Today, 19 of 30 members voted for a change in the schedule. The proposal needed 20 votes.

So in a span of just under a month and a half, not a single person changed their mind (or if they did, it didn’t affect the total votes for or against the proposal). I don’t understand how the media and fans can complain so much about the schedule over the past month and nothing changes.

Ugh. I hate the current schedule. Hate it. I hate playing every one in our division 8 times. Even if they were all fantastic teams, you don’t need to play any team that much. For more on my opinion on the topic, you can read a paper I wrote for my English class last semester here.

What are your guys’ thoughts on this decision?

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6 Responses to “NHL schedule won’t change”

  1. Jenny says:

    I think its stupid!!!! But you already knew that Christy. I mean playing Toronto once a season if even that is ridiculous. No offense to Columbus or Minnesota, but I don’t want to see the Wings play them 37289 times a season.

  2. Drew says:

    I find it odd as well, but my love of symmetry sees no problem with riding this out one more season based on the current system of rotation.

    Perhaps with realignment will come an adjusted schedule?

  3. Tim says:

    I think the current schedule is a major disappointment that only discourages fans from watching or attending games. For fans in a particular city, you get bored that the team’s playing division teams over and over (“They’re playing X again? What else is on?”). When they finally do play other teams, you have to see if it’s a year where the teams play. The Wings are finally playing NY teams in NY this year. I’m excited, but that’s one full year where I only went to an NHL game because my wife won tickets.

  4. doomsberry says:

    I fear Bettman has doomed the league through the continuation of the present schedule. The league is openly admitting that the Western Conference depends upon playing Detroit. It is ridiculous that the Wings do not play each of the Original 6 teams at least once a year. Actually, they should play everyone in the East at least once a year. It is much more important, from the leagues standpoint, that the Wings prop up franchises in the West.

  5. Hockeychic says:

    I hate the schedule. It has ruined Original 6 matchups for the Wings. Living in Colorado, I get really tired of seeing Minnesota over and over again. I would like to go back to the old schedule where every team played each other at least twice, once in their barn and once in your team’s barn. That would give the league much better exposure. Sidney Crosby has still not played in Denver, ridiculous! The NHL needs to build its fanbase and this schedule is destroying it.

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