I just realized that Mick McGeough is a referee in tonight’s game. First off, why is he still allowed to referee a playoff game? He sucks! Secondly, why does he have to torture the Wings again? Last postseason, he made some stupid calls that hurt both the Wings and the Oilers. Why do we have to deal with him again in the first round? Ugh.

Anyways, I will not be liveblogging tonight’s game because I just want to sit back and enjoy it. Go Wings!

Update: His cluelessness has already appeared halfway through the first period. He called Datsyuk for a penalty he didn’t commit (it was Tomas Holmstrom for slashing). Plus, Detroit had possession of the puck and he still didn’t blow the whistle. Get it right Magoo!

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One Response to “Man.”

  1. Flames fans are no fans of Mick McGeough either…

    He always seems to have his own agenda…

    To call him brutal would be an insult to the word brutal…

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