Lidstrom to sign an extension?

The blog Brochu is Hockey reports that Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, is saying Nicklas Lidstrom is about to sign a two year extension with the Red Wings. I haven’t read this anywhere else so this is just speculation, but it would be great if GM Ken Holland could get Lidstrom signed up for another couple years this early in the season. I have read in the Detroit Free Press that Holland hopes to sign Lidstrom, Dan Cleary, and Kris Draper to extensions, but have not heard that the two sides were this close by any Detroit media.

According to Aftonbladet, Niklas Lidstrom is close to signing a two-year extension with the Detroit Red Wings. The Norris Trophy winner has been in negotiations with the Red Wings and a deal could be struck soon. “I can a lot well intend myself to extend and to continue after this season. I know myself still fresh in the body and is motivated,” said Lidström to the Swedish News Agency. Lidstrom’s contract ends after this season.

If anyone knows of a good online translator from Swedish to English, it’d be much appreciated!

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3 Responses to “Lidstrom to sign an extension?”

  1. doomsberry says:

    Swedish does not always translate well to English, however, this phrase says it all:

    Röd Vinge regel

  2. TonyH says:

    I have looked and looked and I come up with nothing worth downloading. I think some internet voodoo has done something. I have no clue. But hey thanks for the great article.

  3. Haha. Nice doomsberry.

    Tony- No problem. I wish I knew a little Swedish at least, it’d come in handy with all these Swedes on the team. Well, it sounds like Lidstrom hasn’t even talked to Holland about a contract extension yet so this article was a bit off.

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